12 Apr

Celebrating Mozart

Category: What We're Reading
By: Ken Myers
Published: 04/12/06

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart, and Volume 80 of the Journal will feature an interview which explores the nature of the attractiveness in Mozart's music, especially among certain theologians. Meanwhile, whether you know Mozart's music well or not at all, you will learn a great deal (and delight a great deal) in listening to insightful discussions of Mozart's music on the BBC's Discovering Music program (or, to be more culturally sensitive, "programme"). These may be heard (in streaming audio) here. Each program (so much for sensitivity) contains an illustrated lecture/performance which demonstrates how the music works, how its power is delivered. Among the Mozart works discussed are the Clarinet Concerto, several of the Piano Concertos, three of the symphonies, a string quintet, and The Magic Flute. There are dozens of other works by other composers discussed on other programs. Discovering Music is a treasure; American listeners should be grateful for English federal funding of the arts. [Posted April 2006, KAM]