28 Jul

Confined to moral ghettos

Category: What We're Reading
Published: 07/28/16

Matthew Hanley on Augusto Del Noce’s The Crisis of Modernity.

“What emerges, perhaps above all, is that our current crisis is fundamentally metaphysical in nature. Modernity is a grand project of negation: the very order of being – as classically understood – has been shunned for theories that emphasize right praxis in time; history has become the lens through which things are assigned value. Fulfillment ‘lies in front of us, not above us,’ and whoever speaks of eternal metaphysical truths is branded a reactionary.”

— Matthew Hanley

On Volume 128 of the Journal, we interviewed mathematician Carlo Lancellotti about his translation of twentieth-century Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce's The Crisis of Modernity. Today, the column for the daily online publication, The Catholic Thing, featured a helpful and brief summary of Del Noce's work, written by Matthew Hanley, a senior fellow for the National Catholic Bioethics Center. We encourage you to take a look.