17 Nov

"The Critical Distinction Between Science and Religion"

Category: What We're Reading
By: Amy L. Graeser
Published: 11/17/06

The relationship between science and religion is a popular topic on the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal; guests who have contributed to the conversation include Tim Morris and Don Petcher, and John Polkinghorne. Joel James Shuman (who discusses a book about Christians and medicine on Volume 81) has also contributed to the discussion, albeit not within the context of the Journal. In 2002 Oxford University Press published Heal Thyself: Spirituality, Medicine, and the Distortion of Christianity, in which Shuman and his co-author, Keith G. Meador, study how religion is misrepresented when it is used to measure health benefits, how faith, approached as a servant of better health, is robbed of its true meaning. For a recent article-length recognition of this idea of faith being reduced to something other than what it is, see Richard P. Sloan's "The Critical Distinction Between Science and Religion" in the November 3 issue of The Chronicle Review. [Posted November 2006, ALG]