28 Sep

D. C. Schindler on talking about reality humanly

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Eve Ruotsinoja
Published: 09/28/16

MHA uncut

In this release of MHA uncut, philosopher D. C. Schindler discusses the work and thought of German philosopher Robert Spaemann (b. 1927) as represented in a new collection of essays edited by Schindler and his wife, Jeanne Heffernen Schindler, entitled A Spaemann Reader: Philosophical Essays on Nature, God, and the Human Person (Oxford, 2015).

Here, Ken Myers and Schindler discuss Spaemann’s defense of anthropomorphism and how the loss of an anthropomorphic sensibility leads, paradoxically, to an arrogant anthropocentrism. This inability to “talk about reality humanly” ultimately leads to a culture that is antihuman. Login now to listen to the full interview. 

Also included in this release is an archive interview with D. C. Schindler from Volume 120 of the Journal on his book The Catholicity of Reason.

(MHA uncut is available to current subscribers for a limited time and is a feature of the Fresh Tracks section in Addenda. MHA uncut previews unedited interviews of guests who will later appear in the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal.)

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