9 Aug

"In Defense of Memorization"

Category: Sound Thinking
By: Amy L. Graeser
Published: 08/09/04

For a brief article that promotes both reading and memorization as ways to enlarge, strengthen, and free young minds, see the Summer 2004 issue of City Journal. In "In Defense of Memorization," Michael Knox Beran describes the contemporary anathema to reading and memorizing poetry, and why earliers eras would not have agreed. "Classic poetry and rhetoric," he writes, "give kids a language, at once subtle and copious, in which to articulate their own thoughts, perceptions, and inchoate feelings. They help awaken what was previously dormant, actualize what was before only potential, and so enable the young person to fulfill the injunction of Pindar: 'Become what you are.'" [Posted August 2004, ALG]