16 Dec

The E. U. and Virtual Harems

Category: Sound Thinking
By: Amy L. Graeser
Published: 12/16/04

MARS HILL AUDIO guest Steven Rhoads discusses Turkey's law against adultery in "The Turkish Letter."

On Volume 71 of the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal, professor Steven Rhoads discusses the biological evidence for taking sex differences seriously. His book on the subject demonstrates that Rhoads is well-versed in the detrimental effects, for families and individuals, of not taking sex differences seriously; he encourages policy makers and employers to pay such differences greater heed in public policy and the work place. Rhoads extends similar arguments about taking public prohibitions against adultery seriously in a recent article for The Weekly Standard. In "The Turkish Letter," published on-line for the December 17, 2004, issue of The Daily Standard, Rhoads draws attention to Turkey's pending entrance into the European Union in order to both commend the country for the law which almost kept it out of the Union (a law which would make adultery by either spouse a crime), and to demonstrate the importance of supporting legal deterrents to adultery. Rhoads gives examples of how adultery undermines marriages and families, and of how it colors the lives of those involved in or affected by adultery. He encourages societies to support laws intended to discourage the tempting act. [Posted December 2004, ALG]