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15 Mar

Announcing the MARS HILL AUDIO App for iOS users

Category: Fresh Tracks
Published: 03/15/18

Now access the Journal directly from your device through the MARS HILL AUDIO App.

MARS HILL AUDIO is happy to announce that all iOS users can now stream or download the Journal and other MARS HILL AUDIO products through our newly released app. Here’s how:

1. Make sure you have registered for a free online account with us. (You do not need to have a paid subscription in order to enjoy our app.)

Current CD subscribers who have never registered an online account will need to make sure that your email address matches up with the email associated with your paid Journal subscription. Please call 1.800.331.6407 or contact us using our webform if you have any questions.

2. Search for MARS HILL AUDIO in the App Store using your preferred mobile device (i.e., iPhone or iPad). 

2. Install our app for free.

3. Once installed, open the MARS HILL AUDIO App and follow the login prompts. You will receive an email with an access code confirming your account with us. Once confirmed, browse our app homepage or go directly to your library to begin listening.

Android users, do not despair! We are working on yours and hope to make it available soon.

7 Nov

R.I.P. Richard Wilbur (1921-2017)

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Eve Ruotsinoja
Published: 11/07/17
Photograph by Stathis Orphanos

Former poet laureate, Richard Wilbur, died on October 14, 2017. Known for his technical skill and subtle complexity, Wilbur focused his poems in compact forms and with modest themes. Among his contemporaries, Wilbur stood out as unusually cheerful, a quality due as much to his Christian conviction in the goodness of things as to his general disposition. 

In honor of Richard Wilbur, MARS HILL AUDIO has made available an interview from Volume 46 on which Wilbur discusses his 2000 collection of poems entitled Mayflies. Click here for more information about the life and work of Richard Wilbur and to access the archive recording.

Wilbur also appears as the subject of an essay by David Lyle Jeffrey entitled “God’s Patient Stet.” This essay originally appeared in First Things and was recorded and republished as an Audio Reprint by MARS HILL AUDIO.

7 Sep

In Memoriam: Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017)

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Eve Ruotsinoja
Published: 09/07/17

One of the greatest living theologians, and in the opinion of many the greatest American theologian, Robert W. Jenson, died on September 5, 2017. Jenson was the author of numerous books and articles, including Story and Promise: A Brief Theology of the Gospel about JesusEssays in Theology of Culture, and his two-volume magnum opus Systematic Theology.

Known as a fearless and compelling theologian, Jenson was the sort of thinker with whom it was worth struggling even if in the end you disagreed with nearly everything he said. By way of tribute to Jenson’s life and work, MARS HILL AUDIO is releasing an archive interview with Robert Jenson from volume 20 of the Journal on why the life of the mind matters to the Church.

Click here to read more about the work of Robert Jenson and to listen to the full interview.

In this special release from our archives, political science professor, Robert P. Kraynak, argues that modern Christians too easily subscribe to a “gospel of democracy,” which mandates that liberal democracy is the best and only legitimate form of government. Kraynak accounts for this preference in part due to a new interpretation of the Christian notion of human dignity that is influenced heavily by modern notions of social autonomy and natural rights. While it is true that because humans image God, they have dignity, “to what extent,” asks Kraynak, “does the Christian conception of human dignity imply or entail our modern concept of human rights?” Instead, Kraynak wants to challenge Western Christians to rethink their presuppositions about freedom and authority and to recover an Augustinian understanding of government that maintains a distinct, but not separate, relationship between temporal and eternal authorities.

Login now to hear this extended conversation from Volume 54.

Part II of this release features an archive interview from Volume 15 of the Journal with ethicist Jean Bethke Elshtain on the dangers that cynicism poses to democracy.

(MHA uncut is available to current subscribers for a limited time and is a feature of the Fresh Tracks section in Addenda. MHA uncut previews unedited interviews of guests who will later appear in the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal.)

Other releases of MHA uncut include:

20 Oct

Francis Oakley on the persistent notion of sacral kingship

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Eve Ruotsinoja
Published: 10/20/16

MHA uncut

On this segment of MHA uncut, historian Francis Oakley and Ken Myers discuss the third and final volume in a series by Oakley entitled “The Emergence of Western Political Thought in the Latin Middle Ages.” In this conversation about his book The Watershed of Modern Politics: Law, Virtue, Kingship, and Consent (1300-1650) (Yale University Press, 2015), Oakley discusses how despite the growing influence of modern liberal political theories, the notion of sacral kingship persists well into the modern period. Though the notion conflicts with Western divisions of the natural and supernatural, religion and politics, and science and faith, the theme of divine kingship surfaces within modern monarchies, papal doctrine, and — in more sublimated ways — contemporary displays of political leaders. Login now to listen to the full conversation.

Also included in this release is an archive interview with theologian Peter J. Leithart on his book Between Babel and Beast: American Empires in Biblical Perspective from Volume 119 of the Journal.

(MHA uncut is available to current subscribers for a limited time and is a feature of the Fresh Tracks section in Addenda. MHA uncut previews unedited interviews of guests who will later appear in the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal.)

Other releases of MHA uncut include: