16 May

"I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight"

Category: Sound Thinking
By: Ken Myers
Published: 05/16/04

The legends surrounding the figure of King Arthur are compelling and exciting, and their origins and evolution are intriguing. MARS HILL AUDIO attends to these legends through an interview with novelist Stephen Lawhead and an essay by Jonathan G. Reinhardt.

The legends surrounding the figure of King Arthur are fascinating on many levels. The stories themselves are often compelling and exciting. But the origins and evolution of the stories are also intriguing. In some of the accounts, pre-Christian elements shaded with Christian concerns, in others the Christian element dominates with echoes of a pre-Christian past. Themes of redemption and justice are commingled with expressions of treachery and revenge. On Volume 27 of the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal, Ken Myers interviewed Stephen Lawhead about his retelling of the Arthur story; to revisit that subject, we are now making available on-line an essay called "The Matter of Britain: An Introduction to Arthurian Legend," written by Jonathan G. Reinhardt who worked with us in the summer of 2003. Jonathan's essay looks at the ideas that are associated with the Arthur myths, as well as the many sources that combined to form a memorable and evocative body of stories.