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In Light of the Logos: Creation, Redemption, and the Christian Imagination

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Published: 10/28/13

Ken Myers delivers lectures at Dallas Theological Seminary

On October 22-25, 2013, Ken Myers delivered a series of three lectures at Dallas Theological Seminary as part of the school’s inaugural Arts Week. The week, which included an art show, guest performers, and Myers’s three lectures, was incorporated this year to help emphasize the importance of Christian involvement in the arts. The lectures, titled “In Light of the Logos: Creation, Redemption, and the Christian Imagination,” were recorded and are available for both viewing and downloading on Dallas Theological Seminary’s website.

One of the main themes in these lectures is the claim that a Christian understanding of art and imagination begins with a confidence in the meaningful order of Creation, an order which survives the Fall and which is perceived by the collaboration of reason and imagination. So a confident affirmation of the doctrine of Creation is fundamental to understanding art and imagination. Second, the mystery of the Incarnation — God taking human form — is the basis for regarding aspects of embodied life and action as meaningful and valuable. Third, the resurrection of the man Jesus Christ confirms God’s love for his Creation and the order he established within it. Our present delight in the reality of beauty within Creation anticipates our future delight in the new heavens and the new earth.

Below are links to the three lectures and the Q&A session:

Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Question and Answer session