20 May

MARS HILL AUDIO Journal: Volume 116

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Ken Myers
Published: 05/20/13

This issue of the Journal moves from the farm to the city, from sex to death.

Five of the six guests on this volume have been on earlier issues of the Journal. We're glad they've come back to deepen our understanding of the Gospel's description of human well-being in light of God's work of creation and redemption, and to discuss how that understanding should inform our cultural lives.

Here’s the rundown for Volume 116:

Stratford Caldecott, on the original understanding of the trivium as the foundation of education, and why schools must educate the whole person within an understanding of the unity of all knowledge

Fred Bahnson, on how his early life in the mountains of Montana impressed him with the grandeur of God, and how he came down from the mountains to become an urban gardener

Eric Jacobsen, on why the Christian commitment to love neighbors should issue in a concern for the physical shape of neighborhoods, and why the lessons of the New Urbanists are a helpful antidote to the mistakes of modernism

J. Budziszewski, on why reductionist accounts of human nature—reducing all physical actions to merely material matters—fail to do justice to our humanity

Brian Brock, on how the Church has welcomed the disabled, and on the challenge of severe mental disabilities for how we understand the nature of faith

Allen Verhey, on why a "medicalized" view of death detaches us from the life of the Church, and why our trust in God at the hour of our death should include a recognition of Christ's cosmic triumph over all evil

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