7 Sep

In Memoriam: Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017)

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Eve Ruotsinoja
Published: 09/07/17

One of the greatest living theologians, and in the opinion of many the greatest American theologian, Robert W. Jenson, died on September 5, 2017. Jenson was the author of numerous books and articles, including Story and Promise: A Brief Theology of the Gospel about JesusEssays in Theology of Culture, and his two-volume magnum opus Systematic Theology.

Known as a fearless and compelling theologian, Jenson was the sort of thinker with whom it was worth struggling even if in the end you disagreed with nearly everything he said. By way of tribute to Jenson’s life and work, MARS HILL AUDIO is releasing an archive interview with Robert Jenson from volume 20 of the Journal on why the life of the mind matters to the Church.

Click here to read more about the work of Robert Jenson and to listen to the full interview.