11 Feb

Peter Harrison on the territories of science and religion

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Published: 02/11/16

MHA uncut

The Territories of Science and Religion (University of Chicago Press, 2015)

Are the current categories that frame the conflict between science and religion legitimate? To what extent do we reinforce this conflict by engaging in dialogues which presume that both science and religion are primarily propositional and intellectual activities? In this extended conversation with historian Peter Harrison, Harrison examines how the modern notions of science and religion are cultural developments that significantly differ from their pre-modern predecessors. While recognizing that both science and religion have their distinctive integrities, Harrison challenges his readers to rethink the categories we use to imagine the relationship between religion and science.

For an introduction to the argument in Harrison's The Territories of Science and Religion, check out this article by Harrison entitled Christianity and the rise of western science.

Also included in this week’s MHA uncut is an archive release from Volume 101 of the Journal in which William Cavanaugh discusses his book The Myth of Religious Violence. Login now to access these interviews.

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