7 Nov

R.I.P. Richard Wilbur (1921-2017)

Category: Fresh Tracks
By: Eve Ruotsinoja
Published: 11/07/17
Photograph by Stathis Orphanos

Former poet laureate, Richard Wilbur, died on October 14, 2017. Known for his technical skill and subtle complexity, Wilbur focused his poems in compact forms and with modest themes. Among his contemporaries, Wilbur stood out as unusually cheerful, a quality due as much to his Christian conviction in the goodness of things as to his general disposition. 

In honor of Richard Wilbur, MARS HILL AUDIO has made available an interview from Volume 46 on which Wilbur discusses his 2000 collection of poems entitled Mayflies. Click here for more information about the life and work of Richard Wilbur and to access the archive recording.

Wilbur also appears as the subject of an essay by David Lyle Jeffrey entitled “God’s Patient Stet.” This essay originally appeared in First Things and was recorded and republished as an Audio Reprint by MARS HILL AUDIO.