17 Sep

Studies of Milton and Conrad Are Alive and Well in Seemingly Unlikely Spots

Category: Sound Thinking
By: Amy L. Graeser
Published: 09/17/06

Guests on various editions of the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal have considered the state of education at the university level. Most recently, on Volume 78, professor Mark Bauerlein notes that colleges and universities enable students to pursue nearly everything but an education rich in the humanities. In an article in the September 18, 2006, issue of The Weekly Standard, Bauerlein attends to those schools which do offer a robust, liberal arts, core curriculum. The schools are not the usual elite suspects; they are, rather, military academies. In "Saluting the Canon: The liberal arts are alive and well—at military academies," Bauerlein describes his visits to English literature classes at West Point and The Citadel, and the dialogues in which students and professors engage. He mentions why the academies are keen to demand from their students extensive engagement in literature, philosophy, and art. He writes: "If anything, military schools are more serious about humanistic knowledge and skills than are the best civilian schools. They require more courses of all their students, and they engage them with the materials just as intensely."

"Saluting the Canon" is available on-line. [Posted September 2006, ALG]