4 Aug

William Cavanaugh on engaging with a wounded world

Category: Fresh Tracks
Published: 08/04/16

MHA uncut

Political theologian, William T. Cavanaugh, joins us in this new installment of MHA uncut to discuss his book Field Hospital: The Church's Engagement with a Wounded World. If part of the Church’s mission is to offer healing to a wounded world, does it make sense for the Church to engage with the world in terms that are defined by its wounds? Must the Church “gain influence” or “play by the rules” of the public sphere before she can express and give what she has to offer? Login now to access this extended interview about theology's bearing on economics, religious freedom, and politics.

Also included in this release is an archive interview with William Cavanaugh from Volume 95 of the Journal on his book Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire.

(MHA uncut is available to current subscribers for a limited time and is a feature of the Fresh Tracks section in AddendaMHA uncut previews unedited interviews of guests who will later appear in the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal.)

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