Audio Books

MARS HILL AUDIO Audiobooks are full-length audio readings of valuable books that discuss in depth some of the cultural areas where the need is most evident to re-discover what it is to be human and to flourish in community.


The Passionate Intellect by Norman Klassen and Jens Zimmermann

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In The Passionate Intellect: Incarnational Humanism and the Future of University Education, Norman Klassen and Jens Zimmermann trace the history of higher education from its medieval roots to the present, focusing on how educational agendas have been assembled in light of shifting understandings of the nature of knowledge and the nature of human well-being.


Are Christians Human? An Exploration of True Spirituality by Nigel Cameron

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Is humanity -- the quality of being human -- a blessing or a curse? Do we simply put up with it, or do we embrace it? Many Christians consider their purpose in life to deny or escape their humanity. But the humanity of Christians is tied up in the humanity of Christ. If Jesus Christ is human, then his humanity is something to be learned and lived. Many Christians, however, do not believe in the humanity of Jesus and consequently find it hard to affirm and live out their own humanity.


A Visit to Vanity Fair: Moral Essays on the Present Age by Alan Jacobs

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Alan Jacobs, literary critic and professor of humanities at Baylor University, has been a regular guest on the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal since 1993, discussing subjects ranging from the problem of literary sentimentalism (as in The Bridges of Madison County), and the delights of historical fiction (as in seafaring narratives of Patrick O'Brian) to the repulsive attraction of the vampire novels of Anne Rice. In his most recent book, A Visit to Vanity Fair: Moral Essays on the Present Age, Jacobs displays a similar range of breadth and depth, as well as significant portions of wit and grace. Included are essays on the mystery of true friendship (Friendship and Its Discontents), the severing of theology and literature (Preachers without Poetry), and the desire to know the future (Dowsing in Scripture). Read by the author. 5.5 hours


Realms of Gold: The Classics in Christian Perspective by Leland Ryken

Throughout history, great literature has been a cohesive force in Western culture. It interprets our experiences and tells us the truth about our fears and longinigs. It is a catalyst to our thinking and an invaluable index to the minds and feelings of people around us. In Realms of Gold Leland Ryken proceeds chronologically through some of the best of the best, from Homer through Shakespeare to Camus, offering not only a taste of the classics, but a framework in which to analyze them. For students studying literature, this book serves as an introduction to the classics as friends; for those who have not read the classics in a long time, it is a motivation to renew delightful acquaintances; for people who already know the classics as intimate friends, it offers the opportunity to renew acquaintance within a Christian context. Read by Ken Myers.


Letters to Ellen by Gilbert Meilaender

What do you tell a young college student about school and life? What advice do you give a daughter (or a son) about vocation, about the importance of commitment, or gratitude? Amid the moral push and pull of modern society, what values and virtues do you most wish to pass on to your children? In this collection of twenty-four imaginary and imaginative letters from a parent to a daughter in college, Gilbert Meilaender imparts sound yet gentle moral instruction to today’s young adults. Highly reminiscent of C. S. Lewis, these letters are a rich mine of sage advice on the Christian moral life woven within the kind, honest, and often humorous language of a loving parent. Meilaender touches on topics ranging from miracles, prayer, faith, and death to the many facets of virtuous living: contentment, fidelity, love, trust, authenticity, humility, hope -- and even studiousness! An ideal resource for personal reflection and group discussion. Read by Laurie McCauley.


Inheriting Paradise: Meditations on Gardening by Vigen Guroian

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The garden is a personal place of retreat and delight and labor for many people. Gardening helps us collect ourselves, much as praying does. For rich and poor — it makes no difference — a garden is a place where body and soul are in harmony. In Inheriting Paradise, Vigen Guroian offers an abundant vision of the spiritual life found in the cultivation of God's good creation. Capturing the earthiness and sacramental character of the Christian faith, these uplifting meditations bring together the experience of space and time through the cycle of the seasons in the garden and relate this fundamental experience to the cycle of the church year and the Christian seasons of grace. The tilling of the fresh earth; the sowing of seeds; the harvesting of rhubarb and roses, dillweed and daffodils — Guroian finds in the garden our most concrete connection with life and God's gracious giving. His personal reflections on this connection offer a compelling entry into Christian spirituality. Read by the author.