Changing from CDs to audio from the Internet

We know that it can be daunting to change from one medium to another. That’s why we want you to know all of the playback options available to you as you switch from the CD to the digital format of the Journal. But before reading our list, please note that for all of the listening options below, in order to listen to the digital version you must register for a free account on our website. This establishes a link between you and your subscriptions and purchases and enables you to listen to the digital audio files. When you register for an account on our website, please use the email address that we already have on file. If we don't have an email address for you or if you don't know which one we have, it may save time to give us a call (434-990-9000) or email us before registering on our website.

Download the MHA app

The MARS HILL AUDIO app is the medium we recommend first. It is the most streamlined and least confusing of the options. If you already own a smart phone or tablet, you can search for our app in the iTunes App Store or in the Google Play Store (depending on whether you use iOS or Android) on your mobile device and download our app for free. This option is also the only option that gives you access to extra MARS HILL AUDIO content. On a regular basis, we release free audio features that are available to anyone who downloads the app, whether they subscribe to the Journal or not. If you are a subscriber or have recently purchased digital copies of our other audio products, all of your purchases can be listened to in the My Library feature on the app as well!

Stream audio through a web browser

When you log in on our website, you can access Your Library and stream any of your purchased audio material directly through your web browser. This option works well for people who are at home or in an office while listening. Especially if your computer has a superior audio system and your internet service is reliable, this is a good option. 

However, we do advise that you download your audio files and store them on your computer or on an external drive so that you will always have access to it. That way, if you lose internet access temporarily or if our server malfunctions, you can still listen to MARS HILL AUDIO features.

Download your audio files & play from iTunes (or other MP3 player)

When you download the audio files for each issue of the Journal, you also receive an iTunes playlist file along with the MP3 files for that issue. The playlist file name ends with “.m3u”. If you double click on this file, it will automatically open the Journal issue within iTunes (or your default MP3 player). This playlist also helps you to keep your MHA content well organized.

Transfer your downloaded files from your computer to a mobile player

Before there were smart phones and tablets, there were iPods and other MP3 players. You can still purchase an iPod Touch (new or used), which is more like a smartphone than an iPod, and other MP3 players are still very much in use. They range in price from about $30 to hundreds of dollars for audiophile listeners. Many MP3 players even come with Bluetooth capability now, making it easier to listen in your car. 

Each MP3 player has slightly different methods of transfering and organizing audio files, so it is impossible for us to give exact instructions to cover every possibility. If you run into questions, ask a friend or give us a call and we’ll try to help. 1-800-331-6407 or 434-990-9000.

Transfer files to a flashdrive

If you prefer to listen in your car and its audio system has a USB port, you can simply copy our audio files (once you’ve downloaded them) onto a flashdrive. This method requires no special software on your computer. Automotive audio systems have different ways of determining the order in which audio files are played back, so you’ll have to do a bit of research to determine how to organize the files on the flashdrive.

Listen on your Kindle Fire

Even though our app is not currently available on Amazon’s Kindle store, it is possible to install it on a Kindle Fire. If you have a bit of tech saavy and want to know more about this possibility, e-mail us at