2019 Yearend Fundraising Letter

Within the baptismal rituals of many Christian traditions, when one is christened, one renounces the world, the flesh, and the Devil. In the process of promoting its un-christening, the West is renouncing the Center that for centuries was recognized as the ultimate and only source of unity. That Center — before the foundation of the world — was designated as the One in whom all things were to be united, things in heaven and things on earth. Apart from that Center, that Still Point, the West’s unbalanced spinning is tossing persons and practices into division, mutual hostility, and confusion. And there are theological reasons to believe that the destructive momentum of that spinning must increase, unless the un-christening itself is renounced.” 

— Ken Myers, on understanding the accelerating spiral of civic polarization in light of the Logos.


2019 Christmas Gift Subscriptions Letter

Good treatments require good diagnoses . . . If we recognize the fact of some social sickness or malignancy, but misdiagnose its causes, efforts to respond wisely may well be misdirected; they may even unwittingly reinforce the conditions that gave rise to the problem in the first place.

“This precarious state won’t be repaired with appeals to civility, the common good, or the wisdom of the Founders, as long as such appeals adhere to the conventional limits of modern thought, which bracket off the transcendent. The growing civic friction we witness — racial tensions, violence by and against law enforcement officials, venomous public speech, battles over the meaning of the human body — requires a critical mass of citizens and neighbors whose thinking is not hemmed in by those secularizing limits.”

— Ken Myers, on why Christians should think more deliberately beyond the confines of a liberal imagination



Harris Funeral Home Brief

Friends of the Court Amicus Brief on Harris Funeral Homes vs. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, written by Margaret McCarthy, Michael Hanby, and David S. Crawford.


Winter 2018 Fundraiser Letter

“[M]odern Christians have often attempted to communicate the message of the Gospel in merely moral terms, without reference to the metaphysical framework in which morality itself is intelligible. St. Paul tells us that the One born in Bethlehem is the One through whom and for whom all things were created and in whom all things hold together. The Logos made flesh is the origin of life and light, of goodness and truth. The modern West’s effort to defend truth and pursue goodness while in countless ways denying the One who is Truth and Goodness is a Promethean project destined to fail, and the growing sense of dis-ease in Western societies is a symptom of that failure.”

— Ken Myers, on “truthiness” in the modern world


MHA Master Bibliography

Ken has been told that he has “gift of bibliography.” Now, thanks to the library staff at Patrick Henry College, we can offer you that gift as a download. Below is a link to a master bibliography in spreadsheet format of all the books that have been featured in interviews on the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal. We will continue to update this as we go forward. Please let us know if any corrections need to be made by emailing us at soundthinking@marshillaudio.org.