Allan Bevere

Allan R. Bevere is a United Methodist pastor and a fellow at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio. He holds a Ph.D in Theology from Durham University, United Kingdom and Th.M in Theological Ethics from Duke Divinity School. His weblog Faith Seeking Understanding is "dedicated to the discussion of the Christian Faith and 21st century life." Bevere has authored several books, including The Politics of Witness: The Character of the Church in the World and The Character of Our Discontent: Old Testament Portraits for Contemporary Times.


Volume 119

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Guests on Volume 119: Mary Eberstadt, on how the decline of formation of natural families has made Christian belief less plausible and contributed to the secularization of Europe; Allan Bevere, on why the claim by “empire criticism” that the letter to the Colossians is a veiled repudiation of Roman imperial hubris is mistaken; Peter J. Leithart, on how the Bible evaluates empires in light of their relationship with the people of God; Steven Boyer, on why “mystery” is a necessary category in Christian theology; Karen Dieleman, on how different liturgical practices of Victorian congregationalism, Anglo-Catholicism, and Roman Catholicism influenced the poetry of Elizabeth Barret Browning, Christina Rossetti, and Adelaide Proctor; and Peter Phillips, on the founding of The Tallis Scholars and the peculiar beauty of Renaissance polyphony.