Alvin Kernan

Alvin Kernan, formerly a professor of literature at Yale and later at Princeton, is currently the senior advisor in the humanities at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Dr. Kernan is the author of many books, including The Death of Literature, and most recently, In Platos' Cave.


Volume 38

Guests on Volume 38: Craig Gay, on how modern culture encourages atheism; Alvin Kernan, on why the academy can't afford to be too democratic; Erik Davis, on myth, magic, and mysticism in the age of information; Marva Dawn, on teaching children about being the Church; Wendy Shalit, on the lost virtue of female modesty; Marva Dawn, on sexual education and the Church's children; Leon Podles, on why men are often alienated from Christianity; and Dan Blazer, on the incomplete conversation between psychiatry and Christianity.