Alzina Stone Dale

Alzina Stone Dale, editor of the anthology Dorothy L. Sayers: The Centenary Celebration, completed her postgraduate study at the University of Chicago. In addition to her work on Dorothy L. Sayers, she has also published work on G. K. Chesterton. She is a recipient of the Quality of Design and Production Award and the Catholic Book Award, and gives mystery seminars at the Newberry Library in Chicago.


Volume 4

Guests on Volume 4: Alan Jacobs, on The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller, and why sentimentalism in life and in art is a moral problem; Alzina Stone Dale, on unknown fiction by Dorothy Sayers, and how she was a certain kind of feminist; Ken Myers, on composer John Tavener, and on religious symbolism in high fashion; Paul McHugh, on how psychiatrists allow themselves to be swept up by the Zeitgeist; Herbert Schlossberg, on renewal in the churches and in society; and John Hodges, on Leonard Bernstein's view of religion and music.