Amy & Leon Kass

Amy and Leon Kass have taught seminars and classes at the University of Chicago for more than two decades on the question of how courtship has been understood in the West, and how it might be understood today. They have assembled an anthology of readings on courting and marrying called Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar.
Amy and Leon Kass were also guests on the MARS HILL AUDIO Report, "Wandering Towards the Altar." A short description of the Report is available here.


Volume 46

Guests on Volume 46: E. Michael Jones, on how horror films combat the assumptions of the Enlightenment; D. G. Hart, on The University Gets Religion: Religious Studies in American Higher Education; Amy & Leon Kass, on training young people to imagine what love looks like; John Leax, on the challenges of wise "caretaking" in a fallen world; Richard Wilbur, on the ways in which words add "articulateness" to experience; Roger Lundin, on Richard Wilbur's commitment to the reality of creation; and Ted Libbey, on the intricate, theologically inspired structure of Bach's B Minor Mass.