Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch is executive editor of Christianity Today and the author of Culture Making: Rediscovering Our Creative Calling. After studying classics at Cornell University and earning an M.Div. from Boston University, Crouch served the students at Harvard University as a InterVarsity campus minister. He then worked as editor-in-chief of re:generation quarterly and then as the editorial director of the Christian Vision Project from 2005 to 2008. He serves on the governing boards of Fuller Theological Seminary and Equitas Group, on the editorial board of Books and Culture, and is a senior fellow of the International Justice Mission Institute. More information about Andy Crouch can be found at his website if you click here.


Volume 94

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Guests on Volume 94: Maggie Jackson, on how multitasking exalts efficiency and promises the overcoming of bodily limitations as time is restructured and on the importance of attentiveness in sustaining personal and social order; Mark Bauerlein, on how technologies have rearranged the social lives of teens (and their expectations of education); Tim Clydesdale, on what the first year in college means for teens; Andy Crouch, on the physical basis of cultural life and how "culture making" is done; and Jeremy Begbie, on how music is a way of engaging with the order in Creation and on how writing and hearing music involves a recognition of likenesses in Creation and the exercise of "hyper-hearing."