Arthur J. Dyck

Arthur J. Dyck is the Mary B. Saltonstall Professor of Population Ethics in the School of Public Health and Member of the Faculty of Divinity at Harvard University. He is also a member of the Center for Development and Population Studies. His main concentration is in ethical theory and he has taught classes on moral knowledge, clinical ethics and health policy, medical practice, human community, and human rights.


Volume 61

Guests on Volume 61: Ian Dowbiggin, on the history of the “right to die”movement; Arthur J. Dyck, on Life's Worth: The Case against Assisted Suicide; Daniel Dreisbach, on the building of Jefferson's "wall of separation"; Michael L. Peterson, on the elements of a Christian philosophy of education; Stephen Schwartz, on the differences between Balkan Muslims and those of Saudi Arabia; Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, on how young people are taught to invest in themselves rather than family or community; and John H. Timmerman, on the person and poetry of Jane Kenyon and on how she lived and worked.