Barry Sanders

Dr. Barry Sanders, now retired, taught English and the History of Ideas at Pitzer College in Claremont California. He is the author of A Is for Ox.
Barry Sanders has also been featured on the MARS HILL AUDIO Conversation "The World Made Scarce." A short description of this Conversation is listed here.


Volume 17

Guests on Volume 17: Alan Jacobs, on the seafaring fiction of novelist Patrick O'Brian; Barry Sanders, on the deeper dynamics of literacy; Mark Slouka, on bizarre Gnostic temptations in cyberspace; Alan Ehrenhalt, on how valuing choice hurts community; Geoffrey T. Holtz, on twenty-somethings and the shape of family life; Mardi Keyes, on dubious assumptions about the nature of adolescence; W. Bradford Wilcox, on tradition and belief; Glenn Loury, on race and relationships; and John Hodges, on the influence of Russian Orthodoxy in the music of John Tavener.