Bill Vitek

Bill Vitek is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences at Clarkson University. With degrees from Union College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, Vitek's research and writings are focused on the intersection between social practices and the environmental, cultural, and historical contexts in which they occur. He is the author of Promising and the co-editor of Applying Philosophy (with Terrell Ward Bynum) and Rooted in the Land and The Virtues of Ignorance (with Wes Jackson). He is currently writing a book of his own essays titled Post-Carbon Sense. Vitek is also a jazz pianist, and co-wrote and co-produced three collections of jazz nursery rhymes. He currently performs with bassist Dan Gagliardi.


Volume 92

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Guests on Volume 92: Jake Halpern, on the ecosystem of celebrity and the complicated reasons why people seek to become famous; Stephen J. Nichols, on how the dynamics of American culture have shaped our understanding of who Jesus is; Richard M. Gamble, on resources for and the outlines of a theology of education; Peter J. Leithart, on how concerns from some postmodern thinkers echo the eschatological perspective of Solomon (as presented in the book of Ecclesiastes); Bill Vitek, on how wise living on the Earth requires the humble recognition of our ignorance as well as the application of knowledge; and Craig Holdrege, on lessons from Goethe about how we understand the rest of Creation as participants, not detached and potentially omniscient observers, and also on the "conversational" quality of our engagement with Creation.