Bruce S. Thornton

Bruce S. Thornton is professor of classics and humanites at California State University in Fresno. His work has appeared in various publications including, Heterodoxy, The American Enterprise Magazine, and Religious Studies Review. He earned his PhD in comparative literature, and his BA in Latin, from the University of California at Los Angeles.
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Volume 50

Guests on Volume 50: Stanley Carlson-Thies, on the theology of "charitable choice"; Bruce S. Thornton, on the loss of ends and the exultation of appetite in the academy; A. J. Conyers, on the origins of the modern view of tolerance (and of Big Government); Stanton L. Jones, on various configurations of science, morality, and homosexuality; Arthur Holmes, on the history of Christianity and education in the liberal arts; Carson Holloway, on All Shook Up: Music, Passion, and Politics; Ted Prescott, on the popular paintings and the prophetic claims of Thomas Kinkade; and Glenn C. Arbery, on the achievement of form in literature.