Carlo Lancellotti

Carlo Lancellotti is a professor of mathematics at the College of Staten Island and part of the graduate faculty in physics at The City University of New York. In addition to his emphasis on the kinetic theory of plasmas and gravitating systems, Lancellotti has translated a collection of essays by Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce entitled The Crisis of Modernity (McGill-Queens University Press, 2014).


Volume 128

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Guests on Volume 128: Matthew Crawford, on how skillful engagement with the material world provides the setting for true individuality; Carlo Lancellotti, on Augusto Del Noce's critique of modernity; James Turner, on the origins of the humanities in the venerable discipline of philology; Rod Dreher, on what he learned from Dante’s Divine Comedy; Mark Evan Bonds, on the idea of "absolute music"; and Jeremy Beer, on the neglected accomplishments of Booth Tarkington.