Catherine Edwards Sanders

Catherine Edwards Sanders has worked as a journalist in Washington DC since the mid 1990s. She has experience in radio, television, and print journals such as The Weekly Standard, The Washington Times, Insight, World magazine, National Review, the Women's Quarterly, and Coastal Living. She writes about religion, culture, and international affairs, and sudied at Wake Forest University.  Sanders lives in Virginia with her husband, Wallace. For more information about her, visit her web page.


Volume 76

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Guests on Volume 76: D. H. Williams on the Church's rootedness in its Tradition, why some Protestants remain suspicious, and on the excluding character of Christian conversion; Catherine Edwards Sanders on the spiritual hunger behind the rise of modern witchcraft; Ted Prescott on changing images of beauty and the human figure in 20th century art; Martin X. Moleski on the life, times, and remarkable insights of Michael Polanyi; Stephen Prickett on George MacDonald and the tasks of imagination; and Barrett Fisher on the relative artistic assets of film and literature.