Charles M. Sennott

Journalist Charles M. Sennott is a Boston Globe correspondent based in Europe. He has also worked as the Globe's Middle East correspondent and Bureau Chief in Jerusalem. He has reported on the peace process in Northern Ireland and has won several national journalism awards, including the Livingston Award for national reporting and the James M. Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. He holds an honorary doctrate from Providence College for his reporting from the Middle East.


Volume 63

Guests on Volume 63: Charles M. Sennott, on the dwindling Christian presence in the Middle East; Nicholas Orme, on the nature of childhood in the Middle Ages; J. Budziszewski, on the testimony of conscience and What We Can't Not Know; Albert Borgmann, on the necessity of deliberate reflection about how technology shapes everyday life; James A. Herrick, on The Making of the New Spirituality: The Eclipse of the Western Religious Tradition, and on Mormonism, gnosticism, and the significance of Luke Skywalker; Darrell Cole, on contemporary cynicism about the possiblity of justice and the just war tradition; and Jackson Lears, on the deeper cultural roots of contemporary attitudes toward gambling.