Charles Marsh

Charles Marsh, author of God's Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights, is the director of the Project on Lived Theology at the University of Virginia. He earned his doctorate in philosophical theology from the University of Virginia, his master's in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School, and his bachelor's in English literature from Gordon College. His past professional posts include serving as a research fellow at the University of Zurich, the Baptist Theological Seminary in Ruschlikon, Switzerland, and the University of Heidelberg.


Volume 29

Guests on Volume 29: Richard John Neuhaus, on the recent judicial usurpation of democracy; John Patrick Diggins, on Max Weber's insights into democracy and leadership; Norman Cantor, on how postmodern culture resembles the baroque period; Alan Jacobs, on William Faulkner as a modernist and a Southerner; Charles Marsh, on the theological depth of the civil rights movement; David Park, on how pre-modern Christians understood light; and Ted Libbey, on Franz Schubert's role in inventing Romanticism.