Christine Rosen

Christine Rosen is a senior editor of The New Atlantis and an adjunct scholar of the American Enterprise Institute. A past fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, she has served as a senior fellow of the Independent Women's Forum, and writes for The New Atlantis. Her areas of research include bioethics and contemporary genetics, the history of the American eugenics movement, and women's history.


Christine Rosen, "Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism"

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(from The New Atlantis, Summer 2007)

Social networking sites—in widespread use only since 2002—are changing the shape of relationships for millions of Americans. But how are those changes affecting our understanding and experience of friendship and our sense of personal identity? What happens in personal and social life when we are increasingly connected by weak (and conveniently abandoned) ties? Citing numerous studies by social scientists, Christine Rosen asks: "Does this technology, with its constant demands to collect (friends and status), and perform (by marketing ourselves), in some ways undermine our ability to attain what it promises—a surer sense of who we are and where we belong?" Read by Ken Myers. 50 minutes. $2.


Volume 70

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Guests on Volume 70: W. Wesley McDonald, on the significance of Russell Kirk’s themes of the "permanent things" and "the moral imagination"; C. Ben Mitchell, on law, wisdom, and the possibilities of pastoral guidance on bioethical decisions, and on why and how the Church should be more welcoming toward the elderly; Carl Elliott, on the medical industry’s move from healing to enhancing self-esteem and idenity formation; Richard Weikart, on the rise of "evolutionary ethics," the embrace toward ethical relativism, and the slide toward eugenics; Christine Rosen, on how and why early 20th century American religious leaders encouraged eugenics in the name of moral progress; and Dana Gioia, on the decline in literary reading in America and on the cultural loss it signifies.