Corby Kummer

Corby Kummer is a food critic for The Atlantic Monthly. He has also worked as a restaurant critic for New York Magazine and Boston Magazine. He is the recipient of three James Beard Journalism Awards, and his series on coffee, originally published in the Atlantic, found its way to the bookshelves of many as The Joy of Coffee. He earned his degree from Yale.


Volume 62

Guests on Volume 62: Craig Bernthal, on the theme of judgment in the plays of Shakespeare; James Turner Johnson, on recent distortions of the just war tradition; Alissa Quart, on Branded: the Buying and Selling of Teenagers; Stephen M. Barr, on how modern science has challenged the materialist view of human nature; Lilian Calles Barger, on beauty, the body, spirituality, and the "true self," and on why the food court at the megachurch isn't what our neighbors need; and Corby Kummer, on the connections between food and community.