Craig Bartholomew

Craig Bartholomew is Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Studies at Redeemer University College in Ontario, Canada. Born in South Africa, he studied theology at the University of South Africa and then at Oxford University. He was ordained to the priesthood in the Church of England in South Africa and spent three years in the pastoral ministry before taking up a lecturing position at George Whitefield College in Cape Town. He also studied at Potchefstroom University and the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, then went on to do a doctorate through the University of Bristol. Bartholomew is author and editor of numerous books and articles.


Volume 113

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Guests on Volume 113: Steven Shapin, on whether or not there is a single thing called "science," and whether scientists are united by a single "scientific method"; Arthur Boers, on why the ways in which technologies shape our lives should be recognized as spiritual and pastoral challenges; Christine Pohl, on why a deliberate commitment to certain shared practices is necessary for the sustaining of community; Norman Wirzba, on how attentiveness to our eating and our care of the land are central aspects of culture and of godly faith; Craig Bartholomew, on carelessness concerning embodied experience and our "crisis of place"; and David I. Smith, on how the forms of pedagogical practices ought to be crafted to correspond to the content of teaching.