David Morgan

David Morgan teaches art at Valparaiso University. He is the editor of the volume Icons of American Protestantism: The Art of Warner Sallman. He is also co-editor, along with Sally M. Promey, of The Visual Culture of American Religions published by the University of California Press (2001). The anthology features essays on religious visual culture and public identity, the construction of meaning, and American modernity by authors including David Morgan, Sally M. Promey, John Davis, and Ellen Smith.


Volume 24

Guests on Volume 24: James Davison Hunter, on a survey about American political life conducted by the Post-Modernity Project; Robert H. Bork, on judicial complicity in the coarsening of America; Rochelle Gurstein, on how some advocates of unbridled free expression had second thoughts; Roger Shattuck, on how we've lost the ability to recognize the fact that some knowledge is bad for us; Michael Behe, on how complexity in cells suggests an intelligent designer; David Morgan, on the Paintings of Warner Sallman; and Ted Libbey, on Gabriel Fauré's Requiem.