Dermot Quinn

Dermot Quinn is professor of history and director of graduate studies at Seton Hall University. He has written several books including Patronage and Piety: English Roman Catholics and Politics, 1850-1900 (Stanford University Press, 1993) and Understanding Northern Ireland (Baseline Books, 1993). His articles and reviews have been published in, among others, The Chesterton Review, The American Historical Review, and The Welsh History Review. He earned his Ph.D. from Oxford University.
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Volume 60

Guests on Volume 60: David Naugle, on the origins of the term "worldview," and the spiritual and religious significance of "worldview thinking" for Christians; D. G. Hart, on the distinctions between evangelicalism and confessional Protestantism; Dermot Quinn, on the historical wisdom of Christopher Dawson, and the skepticism of contemporary historians; Russell Hittinger, on how a right to privacy emerged and evolved in American constitutional law and on how a landmark federal court decision addressed physician-assisted suicide; Leon Kass, on why a commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not enough to protect human dignity; and James Howard Kunstler, on how designing spaces that respect cars but not pedestrians has made so much of America unlovable if not unlivable.