Diana Pavlac Glyer

Diana Pavlac Glyer is a professor of English at Azusa Pacific University. She has contributed to numerous articles and books about C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and the others in the group known as The Inklings. Her writings can be found in The C. S. Lewis Readers’ Encyclopedia and C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy. She received the Wade Center's Clyde S. Kilby Research Grant in 1997 and APU's Chase A. Sawtell Inspirational Teaching Award in 2002. Ken Myers interviewed Dr. Glyer about her new book The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in Community (Kent State University Press, 2007). More information about Dr. Glyer can be found at The Place of the Lion.


Volume 88

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Guests on Volume 88: Michael J. Lewis, on Body Worlds, human nature and Western Art; Diana Pavlac Glyer, on the influence of the Inklings on each others’ writings; Steve Talbott, on how the aims of education are distracted by technology; Darryl Tippens, on why we sing; Everett Ferguson, on the place of music in the Early Church; Alexander Lingas, on the tradition of music in the Eastern churches; and Calvin Stapert, on the nature of meaning in music.