Eugene McCarraher

Eugene McCarraher is assistant professor of humanities at Villanova University. Before joining the faculty there he taught at Princeton, the University of Delaware, Rutgers University, and Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania. He has been published in various anthologies and journals, including the American Historical Review and the Journal of American History. He completed his undergraduate education at Ursinus College and his graduate education at Rutgers, Villanova, and Harvard.


Volume 78

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Guests on Volume 78: Mark Bauerlein on the causes of disengagement of college students from concern for intellectual and civic life; Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn on television, children, and acquiring a sense of reality; Sam Van Eman on the view of the good life advanced by advertising; Thomas de Zengotita on Mediated: How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live in It, and on postmodern individualism and "reality" TV; Eugene McCarraher on how American management theory became an influential source of religious meaning and practice; and John Witte, Jr. on how law embodies a view of human nature, and why religious viewpoints have often been ignored.