Everett Ferguson

Everett Ferguson is Professor of Church History Emeritus at Abilene Christian University. He has received numerous honors over his career, including an honorary John Harvard Fellowship (1956-57) and a Harvard Graduate School Fellowship (1958-59), and he has served as president of the North American Patristics Society. He is also a member of the Council of the Association internationale d'etudes patristiques. In 1998, Dr. Ferguson was presented with a festschrift, The Early Church in Its Context: Essays in Honor of Everett Ferguson, ed. Abraham J. Marlherbe, Frederick W. Norris, and James W. Thompson (Leiden: E.J. Brill).


Volume 88

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Guests on Volume 88: Michael J. Lewis, on Body Worlds, human nature and Western Art; Diana Pavlac Glyer, on the influence of the Inklings on each others’ writings; Steve Talbott, on how the aims of education are distracted by technology; Darryl Tippens, on why we sing; Everett Ferguson, on the place of music in the Early Church; Alexander Lingas, on the tradition of music in the Eastern churches; and Calvin Stapert, on the nature of meaning in music.