Felicia Wu Song

Felicia Wu Song is assistant professor at Louisiana State’s Manship School of Mass Communication. She earned her Ph.D. in the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia and was a Dissertation Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Her dissertation focuses on how Internet technology influences the shape of American public life by mediating and reframing our conceptions of community, intimacy, and the self.

Felicia Wu Song delivered the Spring 2012 Alan and Linda Beimfohr Lecture at Cornell on April 10, 2012. You can see it here.


Volume 108

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Guests on Volume 108: Thomas Albert Howard, on why many nineteenth-century Europeans were nervous about the shape of American religious life; Jean Porter, on how natural law provides a rationale for the rule of law and for legislative and judicial authority; Peter Augustine Lawler, on how neither ancient philosophy nor modern science explains human nature (but the Logos does); Hans Boersma, on why Christians should reject the modern separation of Heaven and Earth and recover a "sacramental ontology"; Felicia Wu Song, on how online communication systems shape relationships and community; and Elias Aboujaoude, on how life online makes us think we’re bigger, badder, and smarter than we really are.