Glenn W. Olsen

Glenn Olsen is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Utah and Distinguished Fellow of Biblical Theology at the St. Paul Center. He is the author of Supper at Emmaus: Great Themes in Western Culture and Intellectual History (CUA Press, 2016), Beginning at Jerusalem: Five Reflections on the History of the Church (Ignatius, 2004), and Christian Marriage: A Historical Study (Wethersfield Institute, 2001). His research interests include the symbol of the primitive Church in the age of the Fathers and the Middle Ages, medieval humanism, and sex in the Middle Ages.


Volume 138

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Guests on Volume 138: John Milbank, on why politics needs to recognize the human soul (and what happens when it doesn’t); Adrian Pabst, on the “metacrisis” of liberalism; Glenn Olsen, on Christopher Dawson’s understanding of religion and culture; Rupert Shortt, on how scientism misunderstands God and divine action; Oliver O'Donovan, on the significance of love, community, and friendship as ethical and eschatological categories; and David Bentley Hart, on the hazards and delights of translating the New Testament.