Gordon Kreplin

Gordon Kreplin is a professional guitarist who has released a CD of his recordings on Ascencion Recordings called Cathedral. He is a graduate of the American University and has studied with John Marlow and Jose Tomas. His past professional posts include serving as a professor at George Washington University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the Conservatorio da Horta in Faial, Portugal. He has released several CD's on Ascencion Recordings, including Cathedral, Bach in Brazil, and Journeys.


Volume 26

Guests on Volume 26: James Gilbert, on how science and religion negotiate for public respect; William Everdell, on the meaning and method of modernism; David Walsh, on the genius of liberal democracy; Alan Jacobs, on The Dictionary of Global Culture and "Real" Global Culture; Jeffrey Meikle, on American Plastic: A Cultural History; Jeffrey Burton Russell, on A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence; Roger Lundin, on Harry Mulisch's novel, The Discovery of Heaven; and Gordon Kreplin, on music, craft, gift, and beauty.