Harold K. Bush, Jr.

Harold K. Bush, Jr. is Associate Professor of English at St. Louis University. He is the author of Mark Twain and the Spiritual Crisis of His Age (University of Alabama, 2007) and American Declarations: Rebellion and Repentance in American Cultural History (University of Illinois Press, 1999). His research and teaching interests include American Literature and American Studies, Historical Approaches to Literature, Cultural Studies, the Profession of English, Christianity and Literature, and Mark Twain.


Volume 86

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Guests on Volume 86: Roger Lundin on why, after Vietnam, American literary critics forgot about American religion; Lawrence Buell, on diverse visions of America and Nature; Harold K. Bush, Jr., on the glorification of the American way as a civil religion; Roger Lundin, on the transformation of the nature of belief in the late 19th century; Katherine Shaw Spaht, on radical autonomy, marriage, divorce, and law; Steven L. Nock, on how broadly shared cultural assumptions affect laws regulating marriage and divorce; Norman Klassen & Jens Zimmermann, on the Incarnation and humanism, and on how various dualisms affect our assumptions about faith, knowledge, and higher education.