Henry T. Edmondson, III

Henry Edmondson, III, holds the Carl Vinson Chair of Political Science and Public Administration in the Department of Government at Georgia College. He is the author of numerous works, including Jon Dewey and the Decline of American Education: How the Patron Saint of Schools Has Corrupted Teaching and Learning (ISI Books, 2005) and the editor of A Political Companion to Flanner O'Connor (University Press of Kentucky, 2018).


Volume 146

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Guests on Volume 146: Mark Mitchell, on liberalism’s false metaphysical claims about purpose, human nature, and tradition; Hans Boersma, on the cultural implications of the beatific vision; Henry T. Edmondson, III, on Flannery O’Connor’s understanding of political life; Brian Clayton and Douglas Kries, on the common and faulty assumption that faith and reason cannot be reconciled; Conor Sweeney, on wrestling with the ‘death of God’ with the help of hobbit wisdom, religious experience, and sacramental theology; and Carole Vanderhoof, on the creative, intelligent, and demanding integrity of Dorothy L. Sayers.