Herbert Schlossberg

Herbert Schlossberg is a senior research associate at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He is the author of The Silent Revolution and the Making of Victorian Society, Christianity and Economics in the Post-Cold War Era: The Oxford Conference and Beyond, and Idols for Destruction. Schlossberg has also been a university history teacher, a Soviet military specialist at the CIA, a college dean, and a businessman.


Volume 4

Guests on Volume 4: Alan Jacobs, on The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller, and why sentimentalism in life and in art is a moral problem; Alzina Stone Dale, on unknown fiction by Dorothy Sayers, and how she was a certain kind of feminist; Ken Myers, on composer John Tavener, and on religious symbolism in high fashion; Paul McHugh, on how psychiatrists allow themselves to be swept up by the Zeitgeist; Herbert Schlossberg, on renewal in the churches and in society; and John Hodges, on Leonard Bernstein's view of religion and music.