J. Daryl Charles

J. Daryl Charles is a professor of Bible, Theology & Christian Thought at Bryan College. He received his MA from Southern California College and his PhD from Westminster Theological Seminary. He was Associate Professor of Religion and Ethics at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and has also taught at Princeton and Taylor Universities. His main interests are in Christian ethics and the just war tradition, and he explored applications of the tradition to terrorism while he was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Faith & Learning at Baylor University. Dr. Charles has authored a number of scholarly books and commentaries including Between Pacifism and Jihad: Just War and the Christian (InterVarsity Press, forthcoming); 1-2 Peter, Jude in the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, rev. ed. (Zondervan, forthcoming), and The Unformed Conscience of Evangelicalism (InterVarsity Press, 2002). More information about Dr. Charles can be found at the Institute for the Theology of Culture of Multnomah Biblical Seminary.


Volume 93

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Guests on Volume 93: Alan Jacobs, on practical consequences of belief in original sin (and the five distinct components of that belief); James A. Herrick, on redemptive myths advanced by science fiction and speculative science and on evolution as a religion; J. Daryl Charles, on the commitment by the magisterial Reformers to the idea of natural law; Robert C. Roberts, on the role of emotions in ethical and spiritual life; Allan C. Carlson, on how the industrial revolution changed the shape of households (including their floorplans) and the understanding of marriage; and Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose, on the work of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese in defending marriage against the various claims of individualism.