J. Mark Bertrand

Author J. Mark Bertrand is the fiction editor at Relief Journal and teaches at Worldview Academy. He received his B. A. from Union University and an M. F. A. from the University of Houston in creative writing. His fiction and non-fiction has appeared in The New Pantagruel, Hardluck Stories, InFuze Magazine, The Wittenburg Door and Fire By Nitej. Bertrand has also written a novel, The Pattern of Wounds. This and more information about J. Mark Bertrand can be found at his website.


Volume 90

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Guests on Volume 90: J. Mark Bertrand, on how the language of "worldviews" can mean something richer than it often does; Michael P. Schutt, on how the day-to-day practice of Christian lawyers can reflect a Christian view of the nature of law; Michael Ward, on how C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia were shaped by medieval cosmological beliefs about the seven planets; Dana Gioia, on the disturbing trends in the reading (non)habits of Americans; Makoto Fujimura, on reading, painting, and attending to the world; Gregory Edward Reynolds, on lessons about reading from the study of media ecology; Catherine Prescott, on why portrait painters often depict their subjects with books in their hands; and Eugene Peterson, on the place of reading in the spiritual lives of Christians.