Jacob Silverman

Jacob Silverman is a freelance journalist and book critic who lives in New York. His work has appeared in the New York TimesSlate, the Los Angeles TimesBookforumThe New Republic, and Politico. He is a contributing editor and regular columnist for The Baffler. His book, Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection was published by HarperCollins in 2015.


Volume 130

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Guests on Volume 130: Jacob Silverman, on the hidden costs of social media; Carson Holloway, on the neglected role of religious revelation within political science; Joseph Atkinson, on the sacramental and ontological foundations of marriage and family; Greg Peters, on the value of retrieving the theology and practices of Christian monasticism; Antonio López, on human nature and freedom in a technological culture; and Julian Johnson, on how Western music expresses the spirit of modernity.