James Como

Dr. James Como, the author of Branches to Heaven: the Geniuses of C. S. Lewis, is a professor of rhetoric and public communication at York College of the City University of New York. He earned advanced degrees in medieval literature and rhetoric from Fordham and Columbia universities, respectively. In addition to being a member of The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, he is also a founder of The New York C. S. Lewis Society.

James Como discusses C. S. Lewis on the MARS HILL AUDIO Anthology, The Christian Mind of C. S. Lewis, a description of which is available here.


The Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis

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In this Anthology, Ken Myers talks with Clyde Kilby about Lewis’s view of the imagination; with Michael Aeschliman about Lewis’s reasonable distrust of trusting reason too much; with James Como about the rhetorical genius in Lewis’s writing; with Bruce L. Edwards, Jr. about what his students learn from Lewis’s integration of faith and life; with Thomas Howard about the deep meaning of Till We Have Faces; and with Gilbert Meilaender about the surprising approach of Lewis’s apologetics. The program concludes with Alan Jacobs’s reading of his 1998 essay, “Lewis at 100.” 73 minutes. $6.


Volume 35

Guests on Volume 35: Jill Paton Walsh, on completing Dorothy Sayers's unfinished novel, Thrones, Dominations; James Como, on the rhetorical skills of C. S. Lewis; Walter Hooper, on his first meeting with C. S. Lewis; Victor Davis Hanson, on how Greek convictions shaped Western institutions; Robert C. Roberts, on Christian psychology and the definition of human personality; David Gill, on Jacques Ellul's The Presence of the Kingdom; Ted Smith, III, on Richard Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences; and Ken Myers, on Christmas Music.