Jane Metcalfe

Jane Metcalfe She is a partner, along with Louis Rossetto, in Força da Imaginaçao, an independent investment concern with interests in technology, media, and real estate. She was the president and co-founder of WIRED magazine, and a member of the board of directors for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her past professional posts include serving as associate publisher for Electric Word magazine, and as director of export sales for the Paris-based fashion house Valentine Palomba.


Volume 7

Guests on Volume 7: Dean Kenyon, on his fight for academic freedom at San Francisco State University; Phillip Johnson, on scientists' intolerance toward theories about intelligent design; Jane Metcalfe, on technology and community; John Hodges, on sacred music by Ralph Vaughan Williams; Dominic Aquila, on the late cultural critic, Christopher Lasch; Robert Royal, on "Reinventing the American People," multiculturalism and the shaping of national identity; Ted Prescott, on the British realist painter Lucian Freud; and Drew Trotter, on Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning Schindler's List.